Friday, February 21, 2014

Hangover Joes

Disclaimer: I received this product directly from the company to provide this review.

Info from the website of Hangover Joes :

Why is Hangover Joe’s Recovery Shot A Superior Product?

Hangover Joe's is a patent pending, revolutionary new product that is totally unique from all other hangover products on the market today. Hangover Joe's is the only morning after hangover recovery shot on the market to counteract the awful symptoms of a hangover. Hangover Joe's was formulated by a laboratory chemist who is an expert in the field. The process of using our advanced formulated recovery shot is a totally new approach to the age old problem of relieving the symptoms of a hangover. Hangover Joe's was designed for those who like to responsibly enjoy alcohol, without the unpleasant side effects of a hangover. Hangover Joe is a real guy who has to Get Up & Go everyday, just like you, and there is a little bit of Hangover Joe in all of us.
Consumer satisfaction and word of mouth have been the driving forces behind Hangover Joe's success. We feel very strongly that Hangover Joe's Hangover Shot will become the world wide leader in the hangover remedy industry. The great thing about Hangover Joe's is that it really works! Our recovery shot helps you recover from a hangover by restoring your body with the essential antioxidants and supplements you need. The process is simple with Hangover Joe's: you Pop & Shot your way to recovery! Our recovery shot is a fully loaded shot full of antioxidants that helps relieve the symptoms associated with a hangover. Taking the product as directed will help your body achieve the best effect for hangover recovery.
Hangover Joe's Recovery Shot is very effective because it rapidly puts back some of the key ingredients necessary to relieve a hangover and promote recovery. Only the freshest, most pure ingredients are used. Hangover Joe's is easy to use, convenient to carry around, and is very inexpensive.
Try Hangover Joe's Hangover Recovery Shot today.
I usually do not drink, or when I do I just have on drink all night, so i gave these to my dad, some friends and my brother; who just turned 21 a few to try. I got some 'these were great tasting, and re-energized.', 'The berry taste was strong, and tasted pretty good', and I got one 'Didn't do what i expected'. 
My dad usually feels weak in the morning after he drinks and has no energy. He remembered  about the 2 oz Hangover Joes Recovery shots. He said the taste wasn't what he is was expecting. He had drink an energy shot in the past, and said the taste made him gag, but these recovery shot, have a great taste. He said it took away the weak feeling and gave him the energy he needed to start his day. 
According to my dad, and friends, I would recommend this product, Hangover Joes, to others after they have a long night of drinking. You can purchase Hangover Joes at most 7-eleven store

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